First-generation med student (Two weeks before med school).


One of the scholarships my school offers is the First Generation MD Award. Basically, the requisites for applying are: describing my parents’ educational background and job experience, filling out the application, and writing a personal statement on how becoming the first physician in my family will impact the patients and communities that I treat or work with.

This scholarship got me thinking about ME becoming the first MD in my family and right now I feel like it could go in one of two ways: either I feel like an outsider, or I use it in my favor. Of course, I’m still not a physician, not even a real med student, but I believe the latter is the most probable outcome.

What I can tell you is, as a premed and med student, most of the time family members don’t really understand your path. They know you will be studying for a lot of years and that they will not see you that often but unless they understand all the steps to applying to med school, internships, residency, match, etc.; they will just have faith in that you’re doing okay and support you. I mean, who would not support someone who wants to save lives for a living?🤓

Anyway, my point is that I really do not know how becoming the first physician in my family will make me feel during med school but until this moment, as a premed student and now as a cytotechnologist, my family has been an incredible support system, which is something I will be writing about in the future 😉.

As the title of this post acknowledges, this is what I feel and think two weeks before school starts, and I am eager to see if my experience will change my thoughts about being a first-generation MD. So I cannot wait to write about this topic again but this time as an MS1👩🏾‍⚕️.

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