Cheat sheet: How to prepare for your medical school interview.

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Here is a cheat sheet for your medical school interview days:

1. Verify the type of interview your school has. These include individual or classic interviews, group interviews, multiple mini-interviews, and, since Covid-19, virtual interviews.

2. Search the most common questions done in the types of interviews the school does.

3. Search for students that study in that school already or went through the same interview you are going through.

4. Look up who will interview you, what their position is, and what research or major projects they have done in that school, among other pertinent information.

5. Read all the documents you submitted on your application one more time.

6. Visit the school’s website and read about the program you are applying to, school values, school mission, etc.

7. Choose a proper outfit for an interview. I like wearing nice and elegant accessories on the day of my interviews such as a leather briefcase, a good blazer, and a nice watch.

8. Practice your interview in English and Spanish (depending on where you apply to and the program requirements).

9. Visit the place where you will be interviewed before the day of the interview.

10. Have a question (or a couple of questions) ready for when the interviewer asks: “Do you have any question for me?”.

11. Do a ‘Mock Interview’ with an experienced medical student or Ph.D. student that applied to the same or a similar program.

For more information about interviews, you can read my blog post 10 tips para prepararse para entrevistas.

I hope this information was helpful and I wish you the best on the day of your interview.

¡Éxito! 👩🏾‍⚕️

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